Why SMS Marketing
4% to 31% success rate
94% text messages are read instantly
5 times better response rate
100 % tele-density in metros
39% consumers prefer SMS
18-29 year olds prefer SMS
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Why Mobile Marketing
  • 30 crore text messages are sent in India each day
  • 50% of Indians own a mobile phone thus can be reached
  • Indian Metros have more than a 100 % cell phone ownership, meaning SMS text messaging can reach almost everyone in the Indian Metros
  • 100% of the target audience can be reached
  • 80% consumers keep their mobile phones with them all the day long
  • 94% SMS text messages are read instantly
  • 39% of consumers prefer SMS to radio or TV advertising
  • 40% higher responses rates, when compared with a 3% response rate through direct mail and 1% with internet banner ads
  • SMS has a 5 times better response rate than direct marketing, making it one of the most responsive marketing communications media.
  • 4% to 31% success rate, i.e. out of 100 Text messages sent, 4 to 31 customers may walk in through your door
  • 18-29 year old consumers use text messages more than they use voice calls to communicate.
  • Target audience receives free SMS
1. SMS for Banking & Financial Services
  • Application of SMS in the Banking industry...
  • Account Updates
  • Balance details, Low balance & installments reminders
  • Promotional Offers
  • Loan Approvals notifications
  • Transaction details
  • Payment Reminder
  • Insurance / SIP reminders
  • Interest rates & Charges revision
  • Campaigns for Offers & promotions
  • Advertising Campaigns
Short Codes SMS
  • Quiz / SMS Contest
  • Store Locator
  • Data Generation
2. SMS for Stock Brokerages
  • Application of SMS in Stock brokerages...
  • Periodic SMS market updates
  • Transaction details
  • Payment Reminder
  • Ticker SMS
3. SMS News Updates
  • Opt in for periodic SMS news updates
  • Update customer within minutes of breaking news
4. SMS for Retail
  • Applications of Text Messages in the Retail industry...
  • Send SMS Updates on SALE, offers & promotions to the customers
  • Update customers on status of purchases, repairs and deliveries via SMS
  • Send greetings – Festival, Birthday and Anniversary Announcements – Openings and Launches all via SMS
  • Conduct SMS based surveys with customers
  • Thank customer for their purchase at your store
  • SMS Advertising Campaigns
Short Code
  • Quiz / Contest
  • Store Locator
  • Lead Generation
5. SMS for Movies & Entertainment
  • Application of text messages in the Entertainment industry...
  • SMS ticket conformation to your customers
  • Send them reference number
  • Regular reminders on new releases
  • SMS them show schedule
  • Promotion and offers
6. SMS for Club and Societies
  • Event updates
  • Membership renewal reminders
  • Invitations
  • Elections
  • Competitions
7. SMS for Education
  • How SMS can be used in the education industry...
  • Exam results
  • Updates to parents with prior information on school closures
  • Fees Payment reminders
  • Absenteeism alerts
  • Announcement – Parents day, Annual Day, Picnic etc
  • Any delays or issues with school bus service
  • SMS Advertising Campaigns
Short code
  • Result on request
  • Nearest education center locator
  • Complain request
8. SMS in Real Estate
  • SMS Promotional campaigns
  • Reminder for installments and payments
  • Reminders to tenants rent, overdue etc
  • New property launch etc
  • Quick internal advertisement of rental , salable property
Short codes
  • Lead Generation Supported by
  • Print
  • Electronic
  • Outdoor Media
9. SMS for Automobile
  • SMS Service Reminders
  • New Vehicle Launch, test drive invitation
  • Promotional offers on sales, parts & service
  • Insurance, RTO reminders
  • Festival, birthday, anniversary greetings
SMS Short codes
  • SMS short code can be used for Lead Generation
  • Can be used for Service pick up request by customers
  • Customer can SMS Test Drive request
10. SMS for Recruitment Companies
  • New Job Openings to potential candidates
  • details on contact persons for interview schedules, venue, etc
  • Interview Confirmation
11. SMS for Hospitality
  • Send confirmations on
  • Hotel bookings
  • Ticket booking
  • Reservations etc
  • Promote special discounts and offers
  • Notification on special events
12. SMS for Travel & Air lines
  • PNR number, Ticket Number, reservation number
  • Flight, Bus  and train Delays
  • Cancellations
  • Booking status
  • Weather information
  • Promotions
Short codes
  • Lead Generation
  • Flight schedule Status
  • Booking
  • Reservation
  • Waiting Status