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5 times better response rate
100 % tele-density in metros
39% consumers prefer SMS
18-29 year olds prefer SMS
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Automated messaging through application programming interface (API)
Our API seamlessly integrates your application backend with the instareach messaging gateway, allowing you to reach your customers via your existing software application and automating your SMS delivery process. This is an easy, efficient and flexible option to connect your website, web portal and application to facilitate auto-generated SMS to be delivered to your client’s cell phones.
SMS Gateway Connectivity - HTTP/S API (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol/ Secure Socket Layer)
Integrate instareach's HTTP/S API into your Software/ Application and you will be able to send:

Automated Text SMS: Keep your customers updated by the second with quick transfer of information. You will constantly stay connected with clients by sending them automated text SMS reminding them about their automobile service, appointments, payment notifications, bank transactions and any notification requested by the customer.

Flash SMS: Appears on the recipient's mobile but does not get stored in the Inbox, unless the receipt saves it.

Language SMS: Allows you to send SMS in any language example, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, French, etc.

Picture messages: picture messages through SMS.

WAP Push SMS: This enables you to send an SMS containing a web link. The SMS recipient can then visit the web page, download software, etc. by clicking on the link in the SMS itself.

Unique Features of instareach's HTTP API -
One of the most efficient ways to deliver SMS to the target audience.
You can send any type of SMS of your choice, i.e. text message, flash message, ring tones, instareachs and picture messages.
Our gateway is easily accessed by submitting values to the HTTP API Server by the POST or GET method.
Unique sender ID can be defined.
Create and manage sub-accounts with administrative rights etc.
We will send Deliver Reports directly to the URL specified by you; additionally delivery reports will also be accessible through our website.
Integrate our services into your applications using our Web Service (SOAP).
Contact us to test our API