Why Mobile Marketing
4% to 31% success rate
94% messages are read instantly
5 times better response rate
100 % tele-density in metros
39% consumers prefer SMS
18-29 year olds prefer SMS
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Software Benifits
Excel Plugin
API Dowenlode
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Fast Set-up:
  • Open up an account with us in just minutes.
  • Email to us your requirements and we'll have you ready to go in just minutes
Free Set-Up:
  • No set-up charges
  • No minimum usage charges
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden cost
Personalized Sender Name
  • Create sender name of your choice
  • Can be changed for every promotion
  • For example: the consumer receives a text from McDonalds, ICICI Bank
Unlimited Groups:
  • ou can create as many groups or campaigns as you like
SMS Scheduler:
  • Send your texts at a designated time and date
Delivery Reports:
  • Check delivery status of every message
  • Download reports on daily or on monthly basis
  • Analyze success rate
  • Measure ROI
Customer Profiling:
  • Define customer groups
  • Customers receive your promotions based on the criteria.
Template Messaging:
  • Create your own message templates for easy use
Add Numbers Easily:
  • Manually add numbers
  • Import an Microsoft Excel
Multiple Keywords:
  • Create multiple keywords (e.g. sales, help, brochure etc.) and then assign different options for each keyword.
Multiple Backup SMS Routes and Load Sharing:
  • With multiple backup routs we guarantee a timely delivery.
Delivery Confirmation Reports:
  • Analyze success rate
  • Measure ROI
  • Send thousands and millions of message in minutes with just a click of your mouse
Long SMS: There is no limit on the message length with long SMS.
Flash SMS: Appears on the recipient's mobile but does not get stored in the Inbox, unless the receipt saves it.
Language SMS: Send messages in any language